The Truths Nobody Tells You About Being Depressed


Depression is an insidious mental illness that can strike anyone. It can be hidden and hard to diagnose with many people brushing it under the carpet and trying to ignore the problem.

Nobody tells you what you should or should not feel when depressed and you will learn some of the symptoms and issues you face when depressed.

Find out some of the truths nobody will tell you when you suffer from depression.

Most Advice Will Be Useless and Unhelpful


needing advice

People mean well when they give you advice. You’ll get told to “cheer up” or “it’s not that bad”. Other favorites include “don’t be down”, “worse things happen at sea” and the plethora of other platitudes.

Unfortunately when you are depressed this advice is at best unhelpful and at worst can send you further into the black darkness.

When you are depressed this is the last thing you need to hear and it is best to walk away from people that tell you to buck up your ideas or cheer up.

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