New Smart Plate Warns You Of Overeating!


Have you ever wanted to know exactly how many calories there are in what you are eating?

Have you ever wanted to be able to track all of the food delights that enter your mouth?

No, me neither!

However, if you read below, you will see that there is a company that is trying to do exactly that. It may improve your calorie intake, but at what cost?

And do you really want everyone in the office to know what you ate last night?


However, a new Kickstarter campaign thinks differently:

SmartPlate by Fitly is the world’s first Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled device that instantly tracks and analyzes everything you eat, so you never have to enter anything manually again!

SmartPlate is equipped with 3 mini-cameras (e.g. like the ones currently used in smartphones) and uses advanced object recognition to identify everything sitting on its surface. It also comes with super accurate weight sensors which enable it to weigh up to three pounds of food at once. It then combines both the image and the weight, and sends this information to the USDA’s database of over 8,000 household foods (plus another database where we host over 300,000 sku’s and over 100,000 restaurant meals) for analysis.

It does all this in less than a few seconds.



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