19 Ways That Cats Are Better Than Humans


Ask any cat owner and they will tell you there cats are far better company than humans.

It’s not just crazy cat ladies that think this way, more and more people are finding felines to be great company! It’s no wonder that cats are one of the most today’s most popular pets.

Find out why cats are so much better company than humans and why we humans are choosing to hang out with them!

1. Cats Are Easy To Entertain

1 Cats Are Easy To Entertain
A cat is not particularly high maintenance and is remarkably easy to entertain. Simply place any empty box in the middle of the room and within moments it will be occupied by your cat.

Should you have multiple cats they will either take turns, fight for it or all try to cram in at once, depending on how well they get on with each other. Simple cat toys or even a laser pointer can make for great entertainment as your cat chases madly around the room after it.

Your partner though … much harder to entertain and certainly will be less than pleased with an empty box! Expect expensive meals and presents as well as trips out, vacations and more … none of which your cat will thank you for.

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